Miniature Assholes – a public mural project

For an ongoing series of public interventions, I have invented an alter ego known as PANG in order to explore the effect of a “guerilla identity” on my artistic practice, and using the freedom of anonymity, to also experiment with classical art in an urban setting. What will happen if I spray paint a Caravaggio portrait on a weathered brick wall in east London? How will the local graffiti writers respond, and indeed, the larger community?

Wall space is competitive for street artists, but can also provide an opportunity for collaboration. Once the portrait is has been copied using spray paint, I add a figure “tagging” over it, to encourage graffiti artists to do the same and leave their mark. Inevitably, over time, more tags appear. We now have a direct dialogue between classical art and street art in spite of their historic, cultural and social distance. As the distinction between graffiti and street art remains blurry, the vandal in my work represents the struggle that can be found defining “art” over “vandalism”, and the ongoing tension between street artists and graffiti writers. There is also something wonderfully odd about a 1600 Rembrandt photobombing a group of teenage girls taking selfies on Brick Lane.

These artworks are located throughout Europe, including the UK, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. My intention is that they invite interaction or collaboration with the general public; from fellow artists to art skeptics, selfie takers, misfits, and the community as a whole.


Rembrandt / Miniature Asshole, Lisbon, Portugal: 2015 – 2018.

This piece was painted on the door of an unknown derelict building in Lisbon, which later was to become the lively arts centre LACS. The door has been preserved as part of their permanent collection. cr05-qdwcaa0byzcef33c8867fa5bd0f9fa341ceded779c23099278_132452747414444_2938767360095420416_nlisbondsc0284020170517-1pang_dscf9868


Caravaggio / Miniature Asshole, Murcia, Spain: 2017.

As part of Murcia Street Art Project, a new annual street art festival held in southern Spain, culminating in an exhibition at the Museo De Bellas Artes with works by the artists.



Salvador / Miniature Asshole, 2017.

My piece on canvas for the Museo de Bellas Artes in Murcia, Spain: 2017, as part of the Murcia Street Art Project group show.

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Palermo, Italy, 2016

A mural painted with Borgo Vecchio Factory during a series of workshops with the local community.



Utrecht / Miniature Asshole, 2017, oil on canvas.

This piece was painted for “Streetmasters”, a group show curated by Sotheby’s & FatFree Gallery, New York, 2017. The original work on the left comes from the Utrecht painting school in the year 1600. My interpretative piece is on the right. All the interpretations were exhibited alongside Sotheby’s Master Paintings sale as an interaction between Old Masters and living street artists.



Shoreditch, London, 2016

Public collaborative mural with fellow artists Benjamin Murphy and 616 for International Alert’s #Art4Peace campaign as part of Talking Peace Festival   



Camden, London, 2016

A mural commissioned by the British Red Cross, as part of their campaign “The Long Road”, to raise awareness for the plight of refugees worldwide. I met Ayman and his family, refugees from Syria now living in Scotland, and together we created this piece.